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P r i v a t e L a b e l

Create your personal vineyard experience by making your own private label of insanely delicious wine. Frater Family Wines offers a unique opportunity to choose one of our wines or work with our winemakers to create a custom wine. Our industry experience and competitive pricing make it easy for your business to start its own private label wine program.

Our private label wine programs ensures that our clients create value for their customers by offering high quality wine at lower prices. Through this exclusive program, our clients are at the forefront of the marketplace. By reducing many of the sales and marketing costs associated with outside sources, we create higher than industry average margins on sales, making our clients a pioneer amongst their friends.

Creating your own custom label or special branded wine, is what we do best. Our winemaker, professional in-house graphic designer team and label printing services will work alongside you to create and design your own innovative bottle label and unique outer carton packaging box to only complement your branded wines while simultaneously our compliance team will see through the wine label registration and regulatory needs.

Frater Family Wines

O u r C a p a b i l i t y

We produce private label wines for:
Custom Label Order Process
Bottles per month capacity
Weeks lead time for first order
Weeks lead time for follow-up orders